IPRTIrish Penal Reform Trust (Dublin, Ireland)
IPRTInstitute for Physical Research and Technology (Iowa State University)
IPRTIntensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment
IPRTIndustrial Quality Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
IPRTIndia Poker Ranking Tournament (Poker India Entertainment Enterprise)
IPRTIn-Process Review Team
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The IPRT called on the Government and the Prison Service to set a date for it to end the practice.
Based on the counseling strategies developed at Boston University's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, an IPRT program helps clients to set and achieve goals in four areas of life: work, education, residential, and social.
Smith spends the next 2 years at the IPRT working on a variety of self-determined goals.
For the remainder of his time in the IPRT program, Mr.
NIST calibrates IPRTs within the range from 77 K to 835 K (- 196 [degrees]C to 552 [degrees]C), as desired by the customer, and thermistors over any part of the range from 77 K to 435 K (- 196 [degrees]C to 162 [degrees]C).
The TNS/MRBI poll found when given a choice of how to deal with non-violent offenders - who the IPRT says make up over 80 per cent of inmates - people wanted to see drug treatment programmes, mental health schemes or community service.
According to the IPRT strict rules on visiting should also be relaxed so long-term inmates can have unsupervised visits.
She said that despite pressure from the IPRT, Irish guidelines still fall short of international best practice.
IPRT chairwoman Dr Valerie Bresnihan said she hopes Amnesty International will succeed where her organisation has failed.
The IPRT has also called for an end to the use of solitary confinement cells for mentally ill and other prisoners.