IPSASInternational Public Sector Accounting Standard
IPSASInstitute of Political Science Academia Sinica (est. 1994; Taiwan)
IPSASInstitute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia)
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IPSAS are a set of accounting standards issued by the IPSAS Board for use by public sector entities around the world in the preparation of financial statements.
Greece badly needs to implement the gold standard of sovereign GAAP accounting, which is IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards), according to Dr.
The skills to drive and manage growth in the IOM--by complying with IPSAS, implementing ERP, decentralising back-office tasks and maintaining a lean organisation with low overheads--are based on the principles of value addition and management innovation, which is what the CIMA qualification provides to all students and members of the institute.
Riyad Al Mubarak, Chairman of AD mentioned in his inaugural speech "This event is a platform for public entities and other interested parties to build bridges with the IPSAS Board and discuss the pressing accounting concerns that public entities face today.
To identify heritage assets and their features in the Romanian public institutions, we use as a benchmark the characteristics specified in IPSAS 17 "Property, plant and equipment", namely:
The move to IPSAS is being undertaken during a revamp of IT and management systems, called "enterprise resource planning"--cost: US$120 million.
IPSAS 24 and Financial Reporting under the Cash Basis of Accounting can be downloaded free-of-charge from the IFAC online bookstore: http://www.
The aims of this paper are to carry out an empirical study on the degree of coincidence between the governmental accounting practices in accrual accounting recommended by the IPSAS and the information required by the GASB 34 and Spanish local government accounting, and to study the relationship between the general objectives of governmental accounting and the disclosure of information in the financial report of the local governments of the USA, Spain and the IPSAS.
Opening with a thorough description of the structure and organization of the IPSASB, the book goes on to give an overview of the principles of such key topics as the accrual basis of accounting as against cash basis, the history, scope and authority of IPSAS, the strategy of the IPSASB as well as the standard-setting procedures.
In addition to working on the verification and certification exercise, the consultant will also work on reviewing the accuracy of data in the asset registers to ensure that the property plant and equipment are in line with required IPSAS standards
para]]-- IPSAS is the most important reform to build trust and confidence --[[/para]]
Professor Soll adds that for Greece to move from a laggard to a potential leader in sovereign accounting, Greece should adopt the gold standard of public sector GAAP, which is IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards).