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IPSCInternational Practical Shooting Confederation
IPSCInstitute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission)
IPSCIreland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
IPSCInternet Problem Solving Contest
IPSCInhibitory Postsynaptic Current
iPSCIntel Personal Supercomputer
IPSCInternational Private Society Club
IPSCInteragency Perchlorate Steering Committee
IPSCIntermountain Power Service Corporation (Delta, UT, USA)
IPSCInterim Political and Security Committee
IPSCIntellectual Property Services Centre
IPSCInformation Processing Standards for Computers
IPSCIrish Political Status Committee
IPSCIntermountain Power Service Corporation
IPSCIndian Public School Conference
IPSCIODP Planning Sub-Committee
IPSCInternational Public Speaking Competition
IPSCIran Philatelic Study Circle
IPSCIowa Purebred Swine Council
IPSCInner Parish Security Corporation
IPSCIndependent Personal Services Certification Form
IPSCInstitutional Plan Steering Committee
IPSCInterprofessional Student Council
IPSCIntegrated Physical Science (college course)
IPSCInformation Printing Systems Corp
IPSCInternational Parents Social Committee
IPSCIntegrated Production System Capacity (oil industry)
IPSCIce Protection System Controller
IPSCItem Program Select Code
IPSCInstitute for Political and Sociological Consulting (Armenia)
IPSCInduced Pluripotent Stem Cell
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Although appalling, saddening and manifestly anti-democratic, the IPSC views its appearance on this list as a badge of honour and a vindication of our work in solidarity with the people of Palestine over the past 16 years," statement said.
The ballistic pendulum used by Cooper at the American Pistol Institute, and recommended for use by IPSC clubs, was designed by Mike Home of Bakersfield, CA.
James Thomson, one of the key inventors in IPSC technology has established a large scale human IPSC manufacturing company called Cellular Dynamics International in the year 2004.
Brown's new IPSC Edition has a fiber optic front sight.
The TWG will also determine the possible use of information technology-based solutions to immediately identify IPSC-exempt passengers purchasing tickets, averting the payment of the IPSC at the point of sale.
IPSC empowers our operators enabling them to achieve their full range of performance objectives.
But a group of OFWs had said that while the IPSC may have led shorter queuing times for international passengers in general, the new system is prejudiced against the interest of OFWs.
Unknown to many, the IPSC was already incorporated in airline tickets as far back as the 1970s.
Of course Dave had been one of the original delegates to the 1976 Columbia Conference where IPSC was born, and had been instrumental in the design of the original IPSC Classic target--with concentric scoring rings.
As English is the language of the Internet, international business, negotiation, sport, music and science, IPSC also helps train competitors in the persuasive use of English, which will open doors to untold possibilities and help prepare them to become the next leaders of their countries.
In addition, IPSC also highlighted the ongoing brutal medieval-style siege of Gaza and the devastating aftermath of Israel's winter offensive on the tiny coastal strip which left over 1,400 Palestinians dead and thousands wounded and homeless.
On its first outing to an IPSC match the 4" model was referred to as my "Open Class Production Gun" by the RO.