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IPSEIntegrated Project Support Environment
IPSEIndiana Partnership for Statewide Education
IPSEIntegrated Programming Support Environment
IPSEIntelligent Problem-Solving Environment
IPSEInitiative for Privacy and Standardization in Europe
IPSEIntegrated Project Software Environment
IPSEIntelligent Product Software Engineering
IPSEInternational Pool and Spa Exposition
IPSEInternational Partnership in Self-Management and Empowerment
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As part of 'IntelliSense', Dr Xue Zhong Wang, an existing member of the Leeds IPSE faculty, has been appointed to the new post of Malvern Reader in Intelligent Measurement and Control.
It is currently fighting to get an extension to a June 30 deadline when IPSE 2000 had to provide 95% coverage in Italy's 30 largest cities.
IPSE provides turn-key Engineering, Procurement, and Construction service offerings for customers in the Midwest and the Marcellus region.
IPSE therefore has a natural ability to pass right into the cell nucleus and bind with the host genetic material, which makes it a promising option for gene delivery.
Net profit totalled 4,915 million euros excluding the impact of the IPSE UMTS licence write-down in Italy and the provisions for redundancies at Telefonica de Espana
This important improvement is mostly the result of the merger between Via Digital and Sogecable, the reduction in losses attributable to IPSE 2000, Medi Telecom and Terra Lycos and the larger earnings from Pearson.
Excluding the impact of the write-down of the remaining value of IPSE 2000's UMTS license (EUR 89 million in net terms), net income would have surpassed
We would highlight the 52% decrease in losses attributable to the Group through its stakes in Medi Telecom (5 million euros) and IPSE 2000 (6 million euros vs.
Losses attributable to the Group from its stake in IPSE 2000 decline by 17% vs.
Losses from companies consolidated by the equity method fell 49% mainly due to a 61% decrease in losses attributable to the Group through its stake in IPSE 2002 ( -38 million euros) and the improvement in Medi Telecom results following a 31% decline in losses (-38 million euros attributable to Telefonica Moviles).
This change was due primarily to the higher contribution of Portugal Telecom, the positive contribution from Medi Telecom and lower losses at Sogecable, Lycos Europe, and IPSE 2000.