IPSFInternational Pharmaceutical Students Federation (est. 1949)
IPSFInterreligious Peace Sports Festival (New York, NY)
IPSFInternational Pharmacy Student Federation
IPSFIndigenous Peoples Survival Foundation (Salt Lake City, UT)
IPSFInternet Protocol Service Fabric (Virtela)
IPSFInternational Physical Security Forum (annual inter-governmental physical security conference)
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Therefore, the IPSF as dependent variable, and results are indicated on Table 4.
IPSF is organizing the conference in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian people in their struggle for an independent sovereign nation.
Having joined hands with the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association, IPSF encouraged pharmacists to counsel TB patients to adhere to strict and demanding medication regimens through its one of the most successful and quite popular 'TB Fact card project' in and around Mumbai, India during 2005-2006 [20].
Al-Adsani held a lunch banquet in honor of IPSF and sports delegations which
The operation continued to be executed through four major forces: MP units operating with Haitian IPSF and the IPM in the major cities; Special Forces operating in the countryside; Infantry forces operating primarily in the major cities, but deploying to other areas frequently to extend their presence; and Army Aviation units providing mobility.
Os resultados encontrados na correlacao entre o Estresse Psiquico (QSG) e as dimensoes Afetivo-Consistente, Autonomia Familiar, Adaptacao Familiar e Suporte Familiar Total do IPSF, estao de acordo com a literatura.
Regarding EBADEP--A-A and IPSF, including the sum of all sizes, called Total IPSF, their correlations were negative and these magnitude were low (Sisto, 2007).
O IPSF possui diversos estudos psicometricos de validade e fidedignidade.
A dimensao Afetivo-Consistente do IPSF e definida como o vinculo emocional que os membros da familia possuem uns com os outros, sendo composta por limites, coalizoes, disponibilidade de tempo em conjunto, tomada de decisoes, interesses e recreacoes, apresentando o carater da clareza nos papeis e regras dos integrantes da familia, bem como a habilidade nas estrategias de enfrentamento de situacoes-problema.