IPSGInternational Patient Safety Goals
IPSGInnovative Public Services Group (European Public Administration Network)
IPSGIndigenous Peoples Specialty Group (Association of American Geographers)
IPSGINTERPOL Secrétariat Général (French: INTERPOL General Secretariat)
IPSGIntelligence Program Support Group
IPSGInformation Processing Steering Group
IPSGInternational Products Sourcing Group (computer company)
IPSGIcon Personnel Services Group (Conyers, GA)
IPSGIntelligence Product Support Group
IPSGInternet Protocol Source Guard
IPSGIn-Plant Sustainable & Green (certification program)
IPSGInternet Protocol Services Generator (CoSine)
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Mr Shatter said if the IPSG were in any way interested in promoting peace they would recognise the value of cultural exchanges.
No report indicated when it was best to begin participating in an IPSG and the one study on satisfaction did not correlate it with types of online social support.
Variations on that same nitric oxide technology forms the basis for a number of nutritional supplement products from IPSG.
Although the majority of primary caregivers of CSHCN suggested becoming involved in an IPSG as soon as possible, two reasons for delaying participation were trouble accepting the situation and
IPSG also offers OxeSlim Diet, which combines Oxegen AKG with other ingredients to help accelerate weight loss.
He adds that IPSG is focused on manufacturing only products that have been thoroughly researched and clinically proven to work.
And IPSG has a new product in the works that Kessler promises will bring "one of the most significant breakthroughs to the diet shake category.
ReaL-AKG technology represents a substantial investment and countless lab hours of work over the past year," says IPSG chief executive officer Michael Kessler.
Unlike a traditional manufacturer, the individuals involved in IPSG have also been consultants to the industry--spearheading industry success stories such as the booms in Saint-John's-wort, kava, glucosamine, etc.