IPSLInstitut Pierre-Simon Laplace (French: Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute)
IPSLInternational Partnership for Service Learning
IPSLInstitut Polytechnique Saint-Louis (French: Saint Louis Polytechnic Institute)
IPSLInternet Protocol Subscriber Line
IPSLInstitute of Physics, Sri Lanka
IPSLIdle Property Screening List (NASA)
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After just one month, we saw an incredible 245% lift in the conversion rates for the keywords targeted by Keyword Lift," said Alan Matchett, Managing Director at IPSL.
The data come from a case study of the IPSL program in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Staffing numbers among IPSL at Bootle have fallen from 1,000 in 1997, when A&L outsourced work to the firm, to 500 today.
The Torque V-12 has been in the research and development phase by IPSL, Inc.
We are delighted that we are able to meet the demanding specification of IPSL," stated Brad Ketch, president and chief executive officer of Rim Semiconductor.
Rim Semiconductor Company is the first company to build IPSL 1.
My husband is fed up, he thinks there's something wrong with me,'' grins Sally, a clerical assistant at IPSL, part of Alliance and Leicester Girobank.
We look forward to working with Rim Semiconductor to evaluate and understand how IPSL technology can help us increase our bandwidth and enhance our quality of service.
With Cupria[TM] IPSL breakthrough performance, telecom equipment companies stand to offer carriers the much needed capability and capacity to handle triple play services such as IPTV.
The IPSL Special Interest Group is a standards oriented body that has a core focus on enabling service providers worldwide to enhance their competitive position and to profitably deliver demanding new high bandwidth services over wireline with compelling economics and superior end user experience.
Innovative Telecommunications Service Provider to Evaluate Industry's First IPSL Solution
Rim Semiconductor Company (OTCBB:RSMI), the inventor and leader in Internet protocol subscriber line (IPSL[TM]) technology, announced today it has entered into an agreement to evaluate the next generation Cupria[TM] IPSL solution in the service network of BTC Broadband of Bixby, Oklahoma.