IPSMInstitute of Physical Sciences in Medicine (now Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine)
IPSMIntel Persistent Storage Manager
IPSMInternational Product Safety Management
IPSMIndustrial Parsing of Software Manuals
IPSMIntegrated Production System Modeling (SIMSCI)
IPSMInternational Processing Systems MeteoStar (Englewood, CO)
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A tabela 1 ilustra e sintetiza a proposta do IPSM, mostrando a distribuicao dos criterios para classificacao na condicao de risco (vermelha), desejavel (verde) ou intermediaria, de alerta (amarelo).
Como tem-se relatado que ambos os canceres apresentam distribuicao de incidencia e mortalidade distintas entre as regioes brasileiras (15-17), o IPSM pode ser util para comparar estrategias de prevencao contra os canceres de mama e colo uterino e entender as variacoes regionais observadas.
O monitoramento de agravos a saude, especialmente em subpopulacoes especificas, demanda a construcao de indicadores sensiveis e uteis as politicas de intervencao, como o IPSM.
The IPSM Modular Learning System covers the training requirements of SMEs throughout all stages of the supply chain.
The IPSM Diagnostic Tools include three components: the People Diagnostic Tool (used to identify gaps in knowledge and skills); the Process Diagnostic Tool (used to identify problems in an enterprise's supply process); and the Corporate and National IPSM Environment Diagnostic Tool (used to assess the context in which purchasing and supply management is carried out by enterprises).
These generic IPSM products are being developed jointly with the United Kingdom's Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, and field-tested with the cooperation of institutions in eight countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.
The new approach aims primarily at developing a set of universal tools and related services needed to build and to operate national capacities for providing IPSM training, consultancy support and information to the business community.
The combination of Sutron and IPSM will create an enterprise capable of providing customers with a full suite of monitoring and warning solutions for mission-critical services.
IPSM Phase I has demonstrated a plug-and-play approach in the truest sense: each component is part of a messaging strategy and conforms to a request-response model," said IPSM co-lead John Eldridge, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y).
IPSM addresses these issues and needs while accommodating the IP environment's impacts on services; network behavior (limitations and gaps); application performance; service migration; monitoring; quality of service (QoS); service level agreements (SLAs); and service quality and delivery (order management, provisioning, and activation).
CGE&Y managed and coordinated the implementation of IPSM with CommTech Corporation.
IPSM then identifies workload bottlenecks and delays from resource and capacity constraints and recommends alternate resources for eliminating workload queuing.