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IPTDInternet Platform and Tools Division
IPTDIn-Pile Thermal Desorption
IPTDInternet Platform and Tools Division (Microsoft)
IPTDIntegrated Project Team Development (various locations)
IPTDInterdisciplinary Program of Technology and Development (Ewha Womans University; South Korea)
IPTDIP Packet Transfer Delay
IPTDIP Telephony Delay
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154 (ITU, 2011b) Parametro de calidad de Clases de QoS funcionamiento de red Clase 0 Clase 1 IPTD 100ms 400ms IPDV 50ms 50ms IPLR 1 x [10.
In configurations 2 and 3, the value for IPTD is higher due to the fact that more LSPs were configured in the routers, and therefore the labeling and selecting of the LSPs took a longer time to process.
Analyzing the results obtained in the simulation of the IPTD and IPDV parameters, it is recommended that a service provider at the very least separate the traffic of the services on the LSPs, more specifically, voice and video traffic should be transported on one LSP and other, non-critical traffic on another.
The association between equity-to-loans and advances (ELA) and IPTD is also significantly positive at the 5 per cent level.
La eficiencia del mecanismo de QoS se observa en el analisis de los parametros como IPTD e IPDV revisando que permanezcan entre los valores definidos por la recomendacion Y.
1541 a analizar en el desempeno de la aplicacion de voz fueron IPTD (IP Packet Transfer Delay) que para la herramienta de simulacion es el Packet End-to-End Delay e IPDV (IP Packet Delay Variation) que para la herramienta de simulacion es el Packet Delay Variation.