IPTEIntegrated Production and Test Engineering (Genk, Belgium)
IPTEInitial Professional Teacher Education (Denver, CO)
IPTEInvalidate Page Table Entry
IPTEIn-Port Training Exercise (US Navy)
IPTEIDEN Protocol Test Environment (Motorola)
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With the IPTE test handler, PCBA manufacturers now can run with two 1,664-node boards in parallel," said Kris Smeers, IPTE sales director.
The terms call for IPTE to receive an additional amount based on the division's profits through December 2012.
IPTE plans to take a one-time fourth quarter charge of 17 million to 18 million euros.
The IPTES included 9 half- and full-day workshops on the first day, followed by two additional days during which there were 2 keynote addresses, 4 plenary sessions, 36 posters, and 52 oral presentations.
The success of the 2015 IPTES was due to the strong support of the volunteer steering committee.
Iptes briefed his interlocutors on the work and mission of the International Hydrographic Organization, Membership and benifit the most important activities.
IPTES was reacted with PHEMA to functionalize PHEMA that the polymer could get triethylsilyl groups.
The hydroxyl groups in PHEMA partially reacted with the isocyanate group in IPTES to form a urethane group.
Director of International Hydrographic Organization IHO Mustafa Iptes presented mission, structure and project activities of IHO and stated that the Organization has 81 members at the moment, and its main role is mapping of maritime zones, security of navigation and environment protection.