IPTFInternational Police Task Force
IPTFIntellectual Property and Technology Forum
IPTFInformation Protection Task Force
IPTFInjury Prevention Task Force (various locations)
IPTFInternational Post-Polio Task Force
IPTFI Pity the Fool! (Mr. T)
IPTFiPod Touch Fans
IPTFIndirect Production Time Factor
IPTFIn-Phase Transmit Filter
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The scope of work, to be carried on the engineering, procurement and construction ( EPC) basis, consists of laying six pipelines from the IPTF terminal at Fujairah to the Port of Fujairah for evacuation of white oil and black oil products.
lt;Q> Patrick do you only represent IPTF I mean in a way Alex represents the UN and Rizah and everybody, what about you?
At its peak, the IPTF consisted of about two thousand officers, and it had vast executive powers.
3071(5)(a) further requires the FDEP to fund petroleum cleanup sites from the IPTF in accordance with those criteria.
This Resolution extends the mandate of UNMIBH, which includes the IPTF, for an additional period terminating on December 31, 2002.
IPTF is funded by a gasoline tax which is paid by all Florida state consumers of gasoline and petroleum products.
The UN currently pays each IPTF officer USD75 per day, but EUPM officers - including those now serving with the UN - will rely wholly on their home state for remuneration.
This contract is subject to the successful contractor to entrust the provision (booking and delivery) of commercial air transport, rail, maritime, national, and international, as well as ancillary services such as car rental, management air and rail passes for IPTF Aten, employees and occasional external stakeholders Aten.
The IPTF has a mandate to monitor, mentor, advise and train local police and political authorities in Bosnia as well as other international bodies there on policing issues.
A letter of intent is bagged by India-based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Engineering and Construction Company (IL&FS Engineering Services), from IPTF for the construction of a oil pipeline in Fujairah, UAE.
IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd has secured a Letter of Intent (LoI) from IPTF, Fujairah, FZC, for oil pipeline work at Port of Fujairah.