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3071(5)(a) further requires the FDEP to fund petroleum cleanup sites from the IPTF in accordance with those criteria.
This project includes laying six pipelines of diameters ranging from 30in to 16in starting from the IPTF terminal at Fujairah to the Port of Fujairah to evacuate white oil and black oil products.
In addition, the IPTF, which operates one of the world's most comprehensive data centers on radical Islamic terrorist groups, finds calls for an IRS investigation by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) unwarranted.
CAIR has every reason to want to do us harm, and it has nothing to do with anything in its release Monday," said IPTF Executive Director Steven Emerson.
In early 2009, the IPTF broke news that the FBI had cut off communication with CAIR, citing evidence in a terror-financing prosecution that tied CAIR and its founders to a Hamas-support network in America.
The article contains false assertions of wrongdoing on the part of the IPTF and ad hominem attacks accusing Emerson of profiting off of "hate" but without supporting facts or attribution.
The Tennessean questions the relationship between IPTF, a tax-exempt public charity, and SAE Productions, a for-profit company run by Emerson.
IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd has secured a Letter of Intent (LoI) from IPTF, Fujairah, FZC, for oil pipeline work at Port of Fujairah.
Mainly, the scope of work includes installation of six pipelines of diameters ranging from 30 inch to 16 inch from the IPTF terminal at Fujairah to the Port of Fujairah to evacuate white oil and black oil products.
The types of enterprises that stand to gain the most from using IPTF include those with customer hotlines and service centers, call centers and e-commerce focused businesses.