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IPTGInstitute of Petroleum Technology Gandhinagar (India)
IPTGIndependent Pension Trustee Group (Pensions Management Institute; UK)
IPTGInternet Protocol Telephony Gateway
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1 in the online Data Supplement shows that IPTG activation of dCK had no effect on E.
The recombinant cell was screened in the LB medium with the addition of kanamycin, X-gal and IPTG.
X-gal, IPTG, dNTP mix, Agarose Gel DNA purification Kit, DNA Marker DL15000, DNA Marker DL2000, DNA Marker DL15000+2000 and DNasel were purchased from TaKaRa.
Cultures were brought back through log phase by regrowing dilutions of the overnight cultures until the onset of stationary phase, when expression was induced with IPTG.
Aliquots of the sonicated bacterial cell lysate and supernatant were analyzed by SDS-PAGE after IPTG induction.
coli XL1 blue harboring pAAE1 plasmid was cultivated in 3L LB medium supplemented with 1% dodecanoate and IPTG at 30 [degrees]C for 24 hr at shaker incubator 180 r/min.
Hogan Financial is a valued and trusted business partner and with a focused staff and dedicated resources, the company is well-suited to help our in-house IPTG clients solidify their business continuity planning.
has made its inventory management and online order entry systems available to IPTG clients who are in need of a solution to deploy the right scanner, to the right person, at the right time.
Another product IPTG induces the Lac operon, a commonly used pathway to produce proteins in fermentation systems.
Rob Pinataro, vice president, CFS and IPTG Operations for Open Solutions, said, "We are dedicated to helping our clients leverage CAA accounts across all of their distribution channels.
A trial without adding IPTG was carried out as a negative control, and no band was detected (data not shown).