iPTHIntact Parathyroid Hormone
iPTHInter-Panel Transfer Harness (NASA)
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After the excision, the time necessary to take a blood sample, in addition to waiting for the blood results and pathologic confirmation of intraoperative IPTH and/or frozen sections, extends the duration by about 20 minutes.
In our study, we reached a 100% success rate without requiring additional tests like IPTH, gamma probes and frozen sections.
Lomber ve femoral KMY ile VKI arasinda anlamli pozitif, femoral KMY ile IPTH arasinda anlamli negatif iliski bulundu.
IPTH 54 [+ or -] 26,17 (29-107) pg/mL olup 4 hastanin degeri normalden (N:9-52 pg/mL) yuksekti (Tablo 1).
Hastalarin lomber ve femur DXA Z-skoru ile yas (Tablo 3); lomber ve femur KMY degerleri ile VKI, Hb, ferritin, AKS, ALT, AST, Ca, P, ALP, sT4 ve IPTH degerleri arasindaki iliskiiki yonlu Pearson korelasyon analizi ile arastirildi (Tablo 4).
Hastalarin lomber KMY degerleri ile femoral KMY degerleri arasinda (p=0,002), lomber KMY degerleri ile VKI arasinda (p=0,038) ve femoral KMY degerleri ile VKI arasinda anlamli pozitif iliski (p=0,033), femoral KMY degerleri ile IPTH arasindaki anlamli negatif iliski (p-0,021) saptandi.
Nichols Nichols Scantibodies DiaSorin Allegro Advantage Total Intact N-tact IRMA ICMA IRMA IRMA IPTH >300, pg/mL (a) 13 17 13 3 300-599 pg/mL (b) 11 14 11 3 600-999 pg/mL 2 3 2 >1000 pg/mL DPC Roche DSL Coat-a-Count Elecsys Active IRMA ICMA IRMA IPTH >300, pg/mL (a) 11 12 18 300-599 pg/mL (b) 10 10 11 600-999 pg/mL 1 2 6 >1000 pg/mL 1 (a) Number of patient samples (n = 46) with iPTH values >300 pg/mL.