IPTNIntegrated Public Transport Network (South Africa)
IPTNInternational Playback Theatre Network
IPTNIndustri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (Indonesia)
IPTNInner Peace Television Network (Canada)
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Subsequently, IPTN pursued a technology-transfer philosophy dubbed "Begin at the End and End at the Beginning":
Amazed by the N250 airplane that Habibie and his team built at IPTN, he proudly stated "the success of Indonesia in making an aircraft is not only for us, but also for the whole Muslim world.
With German government financing, he contended, workers at the IPTN aircraft factory in Bandung, West Java could be employed.
ZTE's IPTN bearer network solution will enable Westlink to offer traditional voice services and interconnection over Finnet's all-IP-networks.
Chapter 5 looks at how the transformation of IPTN from a small-scale concern into a world-class aircraft maker became the prime manifestation of the logic of the technological state.
In February, Fluor said it had been awarded the PMC contract worth $7 billion for the 131 kilometre Abu Dhabi Metro, which is a part of the IPTN.
73 million from Sapura Technologies for its fleet of six IPTN CN235-220M transport aircraft.
Habibie holds the lucrative portfolio of Minister of Research and Technology, which has put him in charge of the Technology Assessment and Application Body (BPPT) and made him director of 10 strategic industries, including the national aircraft industry, PT IPTN, the national steel industry, PT Krakatau Steel, and the Navy shipyard, PT PAL.
IPTN has also launched a maritime patrol demonstrator version of the joint-venture CASA/IPTN CN-235 transport aircraft which features MDS's Sky Guardian 300 ESM.
The corridor is also earmarked for rail service improvement in the Citys IPTN.
The CN-235 was originally developed by Casa in co-operation with IPTN, now Dirgantara Indonesia.
Three years ago, some Rp 500 billion was taken from the DR and loaned to the national aircraft industry IPTN for its aircraft manufacturing project.