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IPTVInternet Protocol Television
IPTVIowa Public Television
IPTVIncidents Per Thousand Vehicles
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Being one of the new entrants to the global pay-TV market, IPTV service providers are searching for a potential differentiator that can aid them to acquire the market of existing pay TV operators or push the IPTV adoption in the form of an efficient pay TV service in markets where the demand for pay TV services has not yet developed till dateAsiaThe IPTV market in the Asian region is still on a growing stage therefore showcasing a wider scope for related services.
With the development of open services and participation of new operators, it is projected that the global IPTV subscriber market will be able to reach around 59 million in 2011.
Over 150 companies across six regions (North America, Western and Eastern Europe, MEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America) are assessed on an ongoing basis as part of our research into the IPTV sector.
The end of 2007 saw IPTV reach a total of over 8m households across Europe.
The current and planned deployments of IPTV services by large carriers in Europe.
As a customer of Intelsat, Avail Media will be able to offer an enhanced IPTV solution, powered by Intelsat IPTV, to its customer base consisting of telco operators fiber-to-the-home providers and independent cable operators.
Hawaii IPTV uses NeuLion's iPTV Service as the platform for the first global Hawaii Television Network.
Dolby Digital Plus provides IPTV operators with a flexible and efficient multichannel audio solution that maintains many of the advantages of Dolby Digital, such as connectivity to millions of home A/V receivers, while offering lower data rates and added features.
With its new IPTV capabilities, Accolade WCS now extends the service orchestration to incorporate headend servers alongside SIP application servers and other service platforms.
IPTV-Americas offers a complete IPTV solution consisting of a centralized IPTV head end in Miami with fiber optic access to telephone companies in Latin America through the NAP (network access point) of the Americas.
A key component of EPM's IPTV service offering is its use of the iPlex[TM] Video Headend Platform that includes a modular design built to offer flexibility and ease of operation for ultra-dense MPEG-4 AVC video compression.