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IPVIntentional Program Violation
IPVInfectious Pustular Vulvovaginitis
IPVIllinois Performance Volleyball
IPVIndividual Pressure Vessel
IPVInstantaneous Peak Velocity
IPVImpact Protection Vehicle
IPVInstrumented Pressure Vessel
IPVInner Product of Vectors (multi-criteria decision analysis)
IPVInstrumentation Pressure Vessel
IPVInternal Payment Voucher (accounting)
IPVIndustrial Powered Vehicle
IPVImperial Patrol Vessel (Star Wars)
IPVImprimerie de Port Vila
IPVInvoice Price Varience (accounting)
IPVIn Plant Vacation
IPVIndependent Price Verification
IPVInternet Protocol Version
IPVIntimate Partner Violence
IPVIn Plaats Van (Dutch: instead of)
IPVInactivated Polio Vaccine
IPVIntellectual Property Valuation
IPVIn Public View (band)
IPVInternet Protocol Video
IPVIndustrial Prime Vendor
IPVInterpersonal Violence
IPVIntrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation
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While many studies point to a significant and greater prevalence (25-75%) of all types of violence and its severity among women who are dependent on alcohol or other substances (El-Bassel, Gilbert, Witte, Wu & Chang, 2011; Feingold, Washburn, Tiberio & Capaldi, 2015; Weaver, Gilbert, El-Bassel, Resnick & Noursi, 2015), none have been carried out in Spain on the prevalence of IPV among hospitalised women who consume drugs.
Be sure to also reach out for professional assistance, such as with a local IPV organization.
In multivariate analyses, the odds of past-year IPV perpetration were elevated among young men in Baltimore, Johannesburg and Shanghai who reported having engaged in binge drinking in the past 30 days (odds ratios, 2.
The 'separation assumption' refers to the commonly held belief that partners experiencing IPV should end the relationship, and that it is our duty to encourage them to do so.
Nonfatal physical injuries associated with IPV include injury to the head, neck, and face.
To further reduce the risk for type 2 poliovirus outbreaks after the cessation of tOPV use, the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization recommended in 2012 that all countries' immunization schedules include at least 1 IPV dose (3).
From January to June 2014, a pilot project for the integration of IPV screening and counseling into FP services was implemented in the adult family planning clinic of the Association Guineenne pour le Bien-etre familial (AGBEF), a member association of the International Planned Parenthood Association (IPPF) in Conakry, Guinea.
It merits mention here that IPV is not door to door campaign and children would be vaccinated in the existing 57 health facilities and 355 outreach sites that has been established in the 43 union councils of the provincial capital.
IPV is approved by the World Health Organization and is proven safe and effective and has been successfully used in polio eradication in other countries, Rillorta said.
Instead, tell the mother you would like to connect her with a community partner who specializes in IPV and can help her figure out a plan for her and her child's safety.
By acquiring IPV, SPS will grow its managed services business, with a specific focus on its hosted Anything-as-a-service (XaaS) opportunities.