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IPV6Internet Protocol Version 6
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Market overview talks about the global scenario of IPv6, with a special focus on the Indian IPv6 market.
IPv6 features an expanded addressing scheme that can support billions of devices connected directly to the Internet.
Clearly, transitioning to IPv6 is becoming more important for the long-term business health so that enterprises can remain competitive, grow and manage risks.
IPv6 Forum India has been instrumental to bringing awareness of IPv6 not only to India, but the world," said Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric's Director of IPv6 Strategy.
Foundry's IPv6-ready FastIron Edge X/XE Series and FastIron Super X/SX family enable network managers to future-readies their networks with infrastructure that is ready on day one to support IPv6 services.
67 percent of industry respondents said that the government IPv6 transition will speed the inclusion of IPv6 capabilities in their organizations' products and services.
Spirent provides innovative test solutions that help vendors and network operators develop and deploy new products and services in the IPv6 arena.
For personal electronics manufacturers in Japan and the rest of Asia hoping to regain some economic momentum, IPv6 is an issue of great importance.
With Internet traffic projected to quadruple between 2010 and 20151, IPv6 enabled services are vital to the continued growth of the Web.
All AX Series platforms are dual-stack ready, ensuring the maximum flexibility with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, enabling both native support and the most advanced IPv4/IPv6 translation capabilities.
IPv6 Transition Consultancy - NTT Communications Group's IPv6 Transition Consultancy supports companies' and federal agencies' smooth transition to the upgraded IPv6 network with the strength of NTT America's products and depth of knowledge accumulated through NTT Communications Group's successful commercial implementation of IPv6 technology to date.
The GR2000-B Series extends Hitachi Internetworking's IPv6 hardware leadership to the edge, finally providing remote offices and smaller enterprises with an IPv6 platform that is not only highly reliable, robust and dynamic, but also affordable," said Yurie Rich, founder of Native6, a provider of IPv6 training and consulting services based in Seattle, Wash.