IPWPInternational Parliamentarians for West Papua (political group)
IPWPIntegrated Plan for the Wastewater Program (Los Angeles, CA)
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With the observed warming trend in the IPWP (Weller et al.
The long-term warming trend in the IPWP has coincided with a corresponding warming trend across the CEP during major El Nino events, culminating in record high SST and Chl-a anomalies across the CEP in association with the extreme 2015/16 El Nino that disrupted coral reef and seabird communities, especially at Jarvis Island, where catastrophic coral bleaching and mortality were observed.
Climate models suggest that global mean temperatures are particularly sensitive to sea surface temperatures in the IPWP.
Little pre-historical temperature data from tropical regions like the IPWP has been incorporated into these analyses, and the global extent of warm temperatures during this interval is unclear.
SMN Barka (Barka-II) is an IPWP located at Barka, about 50 km north-west of Muscat.
Power generated by IPPs and IPWPs has since 2004 risen sharply.
The positive SSTA over IPWP exceeding +1 STD persisted throughout 2013.
The amount of power generated by IPPs and IPWPs has since 2004 risen sharply.
OPWP in 2009 ruled out coal to fire its next IPWP, which will be located at Barka or Salalah.
The group will invest $5 bn in five projects: (1) development of associated gas in the super-giant field of Shaybah, on the border with Abu Dhabi which produces light-sweet oil and has been on stream since 1998; (2) development of non-associated gas from the North and South Kidan fields; (3) construction of a pipeline from Shaybah to Abqaiq in the Ghawar area; (4) a petrochemical plant in Jubail; and (5) an IPWP in Jubail.
The MEW has considered IPPs and IPWPs as well as plans to corporatise its existing generation and distribution units.
EPC, 100% owned by the Abu Dhabi government, will represent the state's interests in new IPWP joint ventures to be established in the emirate.