IPZSIstituto Poligrafico e Zecca Dello Stato (Italian: Government Printing Office and Mint)
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IPZS is a joint-stock company with Italy's Ministry of Economy and Finance as sole shareholder and is responsible for printing and dissemination of the Italian Official Gazette, government publications, security and anti-counterfeiting systems, fine art publishing and ID documents, including traditional and electronic ID cards, passports and smart cards.
It not only offers economic benefits, but also provides constant innovation and enhancements from the community that are key aspects for a company like ours that provides high-value services," said Maurizio Quattrociocchi, IT & Telecoms Director at IPZS.
Production of self-adhesive stamps for Proprietary Medicinal Products, consisting of the press, numbering, construction, packaging, shredding and waste disposal, transport and delivery of the finished product, as well as the transport of self-adhesive paper watermarked supplied on consignment from IPZS from the site of gluing (Establishment Foggia) to the production of the successful undertaking.
In particular, the Government Printing Office and Mint State intends to proceed with the acquisition of rack cabinets, UPS, FC switches for TAN for Secondary Site of IPZS, gbic additional uses and licensing enablers for TAN FC switches exist on the Site Primary IPZS, backup appliance hardware on the Site Primary and Secondary IPZS and appliance email security on the Primary Site of IPZS and renew maintenance service (including Technical Assistance Services) for the components and Software Support Specialist personnel certificate on the products of the company Symantec, already used by the Data Center of the Contracting Authority, ensuring the update of the features provided by the software ( new releases version) and the correction of anomalies (bug-fix) for 36 months from 01/01/2016.