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IPERInternational Preliminary Examination Report (Patent Cooperation Treaty process)
IPERInterdisciplinary Graduate Program in Environment and Resources (Stanford University)
IPERIntergovernmental Preparedness for Essential Records (Council of State Archivists)
IPERIndustrial Production Equipment Reserve
IPERInternet Protocol Packet Error Rate
IPERInstitute of Professional Education and Research (est. 1996; Bhopal, India)
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According to IPER sales director Mario Spezia, the company has experienced a 4% increase in deli sales, which he attributes to the packaging.
Switching to natural-based packaging is helping us bring new attention to our fresh foods," says Mario Spezia, sales director, IPER.
PLA is the first commercially viable, renewable resource-based polymer to be used in large-scale commercial applications, such as the packaging application IPER is using in stores throughout Italy.
Visual Vision has released iPer Hyper Publish PRO, its new Windows program that enables users to create Internet pages, manuals, CDs and catalogues from a single source document.
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Auchan, Carrefour, Asda, Euromercato and Iper which focus exclusively on large out-of-town stores or shopping malls, each record very high sales per square metre in food, drink and grocery, and show better growth than their domestic grocery markets.
GE's IPER System Reduces Energy Demands of Desalination Pumping by at Least 10 Percent
Through technical enhancements to its proprietary iper system, illy enthusiasts will be able to make espresso based drinks and brewed coffee from a single machine.
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Italian supermarket chain Iper made head-lines recently when it decided to convert its fresh food packaging to a new natural-based alternative for its thermoform, heat sealable film overlays.
The short-shelf-life containers have been adopted by Iper, a Northern Italian retailer.
Visual Vision has released iPer Hyper Publish PRO, a Windows program that lets you easily create Internet pages as well as manuals, CDs, e-books, and catalogs, all from a single source document.