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IQCIndefinite Quantity Contract
IQCIncoming Quality Control
IQCInternal Quality Control
IQCInstitut de Química Computacional (Institute of Computational Chemistry at the University of Girona)
IQCIowa Quality Center
IQCInstitute of Quantum Computing
IQCIndefinite Quality Contract
IQCInitial Qualification Cost
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Also, significant problems can be overlooked when unacceptable IQC results are not recognized.
8220;Our partnership with MasterControl is the next logical step in the continuous development of our services that are designed to guarantee value to the customer and meet their current individual requirements and future needs,” says IQC CEO Dominic Konrad.
With the RiLiBAEK IQC target imprecision for glucose (CV, [+ or -] 11%), 1 in 1000 of our differences would have been excluded as outliers, and 0.
The CM implemented corrective actions at IQC by resealing all packages opened for inspection before returning to storage.
It's not just money, it's people and organizations that are involved and you want to put the best team together that you can," Mitchell said of the teaming agreement that goes into the IQC bidding process.
Consultants under the IQC contracts mainly worked directly with the enterprise or sector; later in the aid effort, some consultants also worked inside ministries.
Empowered by Cintex' Pentium PC-based IQC technology, these new checkweighers are capable of weighing to levels of resolution greater than [plus or minus]0.
The Silicon Investor site was redesigned with charting and analytics from Go2Net's May 1999 acquisition, IQC.
This contract builds on the current Energy II IQC that IRG holds and represents an expansion of energy support services that its highly skilled team of professionals has been providing on USAID's behalf for the past 34 years," said Tony Smeraglinolo, President and CEO of Engility.
IQC carries out the vast majority of its machine servicing in-house, with local Caterpillar dealer Mohamed Abulrahman Al-Bahar stepping in for difficult jobs and warranty support, as well as providing on-going service training and technical support, in addition to operator training.
Families, schools, and organized groups experience a two-hour IQC subject, providing higher learning through immersive entertainment.
First, someone must recognize that a quality error has occurred (for example, that IQC or EQA has not been carried out on schedule); second, the occurrence must be logged.