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IQCIndefinite Quantity Contract
IQCIncoming Quality Control
IQCInternal Quality Control
IQCInstitut de Química Computacional (Institute of Computational Chemistry at the University of Girona)
IQCIowa Quality Center
IQCInstitute of Quantum Computing
IQCIndefinite Quality Contract
IQCInitial Qualification Cost
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For example, some IQC providers supply assayed IQC material with very wide acceptable limits, with 2SD often +/- 20 percent from target value.
cumulative CVs of IQC results in-control) and may partly reflect the actual situation.
8220;Our partnership with MasterControl is the next logical step in the continuous development of our services that are designed to guarantee value to the customer and meet their current individual requirements and future needs,” says IQC CEO Dominic Konrad.
With the RiLiBAEK IQC target imprecision for glucose (CV, [+ or -] 11%), 1 in 1000 of our differences would have been excluded as outliers, and 0.
La proximidad espacial de las industrias de este sector: IQC, Citrofrut, Procitrus, Citromax y Danisco, presentan un cluster geografico debido a que tienen una interdependencia de materia prima--producto procesado, puesto que todas estas plantas industriales se encuentran ubicadas en la principal zona productora de citricos: Alamo Temapache, Veracruz.
4b], IQC is more likely to contribute to the success of acquiring bank loans and statistically significant at 5% level.
Firms compete for indefinite quantity contracts (IQCs) under SWIFT every five years, and the firms chosen for IQCs compete with each other for task orders.
The CM implemented corrective actions at IQC by resealing all packages opened for inspection before returning to storage.
Under an IQC, USAID "already has arrangements with pre-selected (International) NGOs and contractors.
In collaboration with the IQC, Kirkwood created Workplace Lean, a training program that promotes workplace efficiency--i.
Goode credited a large part of RITA's initial growth to the cooperation between his company and Camil Khoury, founder of IQC.
Data compatibility, this time with many popular data formats, is also a key attribute of the Color IQC color control software recently introduced by GretagMacbeth.