IQFIndividually Quick Frozen (food processing)
IQFInternational Quilt Festival
IQFIntegrated Qualifications Framework (UK)
IQFInternational Quality Federation (business group)
IQFImage Quality Figure
IQFInvitation à Quitter le Territoire Français (French: Request to Leave the French Territory)
IQFIntrinsic Quality Factor (EIA-440/A)
IQFInteractive Query Facility
IQFInteramerican Quality Foods (San Antonio, TX)
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Compared with traditional IQF vegetables, dehydrofrozen products have less tendency to block up after going through too many freeze-thaw cycles," Gillespie says.
has taken off with its offering of IQF fire-roasted vegetables that run the gamut, including all sorts of veggies, garlics and onions as well as chiles that include varieties such as green anaheim, serrano, Thai, habanero and even tomatillos.
It has proven to give food processors a competitive advantage because it produces IQF formed product of uniform size with repeatability, allowing their customers to easily portion and defrost as much or as little of the product as required," DiMaggio said.
It is billed as especially useful for processors freezing IQF products--particularly those that are small, wet or sticky, which tend to form clusters or adhere to freezer belts.
For both of these product lines - dried beans and IQF beans - T&G was presented with a functional ingredient and was able to perform extensive applications testing, market research and sensory evaluation to determine how the ingredients could be used in an overall food system to deliver value to both food processors and the end consumer.
The fully cooked products offer healthier alternatives to fried options without compromising on taste, and the IQF pieces can be heated through in an oven as and when required, which is great for reducing waste.
Tough and durable, with an Elmendorf 2-mil tear value of 250 grams and tensile-elongation of 510% at break, the IQF film is available in thicknesses of 1.
Agrilink's Voila frozen dinner kits, launched last year, use IQF technology to flash freeze the meat, sauce and fresh vegetable components of the meal.
Products produced by the combined companies will offer customers a broad product capability in bakery including IQF cookie dough, cheesecakes, truffle cake, mousse cake, tiramisu, sheet cakes and many other gourmet desserts.
Offering benefits for both the caterer and the consumer, these products are fully cooked for total food safety, and IQF to save time and resources.
In Japan, IQF shrimp is mostly sold in supermarkets, in tray-packed form.
We have customers who use them for IQF (individually quick frozen) products up to 30 and 40 times," reports Rich Daly, marketing coordinator for MacMillan Bloedel Containers, Marietta, Ga.