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IQLInstitute of Qualified Lifeguards (UK)
IQLInteractive Query Language
IQLIndependent Quality Labs (est. 1985; Rockville, RI)
IQLIndifference Quality Level
IQLInternational Quality Linings Ltd. (UK; est. 1983)
IQLIncoming Quality Level
IQLInformation Quality Levels
IQLIntelligent Query Linker
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Unlike Datalog (with negation), LDL, COL and Relationlog, in which stratification is automatically determined based on predicate or function symbols, in IQL we may not have such symbols to use, as shown in the second and third rule in Example 3.
IQL has the following problems: First, the object identifier-creation mechanism may lead to infinite loops and does not support a logic-oriented semantics, as discussed in Beeri [1990].
Second, IQL is so dependent on relations that no objects can exist if there are no relations.
cannot be treated as objects that have properties in IQL.
Finally, the schema supported by IQL is quite limited.
IQL allows converting the first representation into the second and vice-versa.
Let us examine the computation in IQL in four stages:
A useful construct, definable in IQL, is that of sequential composition (;).
A basic contribution is a completeness result for IQL.
In Section 5, we specialize IQL using a number of syntactic restrictions.
In summary, IQL is both a mathematical model of computation with types and (particularly in its range restricted form [IQL.
This condition guarantees the soundness and the typability of IQL programs.