IQLMInstitute for Quality in Laboratory Medicine
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The enhancements put forth by CAP and COLA, the upcoming meeting of the IQLM minds, the possible additional unveilings of flawed lab-test results by a tenacious Maryland congressman, the testimonial charge to all parties by a now-retired lifelong government servant, and the ongoing legal struggle involving an injured medical-laboratory worker who pitted herself against an equipment manufacturer defending its analyzer comprise a cadre of varied travelers taking an assortment of paths in the perilous quest of ultimately remanding patient healthcare into safe hands in safe laboratories.
The mission of the IQLM is to strive to promote improvements in laboratory testing and services to benefit the health of the public.
IQLM goals: Toby Merlin, MD, former CLIAC chair and now associate director for Laboratory Medicine at the CDC, gave an update on the Quality Institute (QI), a CDC initiative with the purpose of improving healthcare through quality laboratory services.