IQRInterquartile Range (statistics)
IQRInternet Quick Reference
IQRIndividual Qualification Record
IQRInternal Quality Review
IQRInventory Quality Ratio (inventory software; Inventory Quality Ratio International; San Juan Capistrano, CA)
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Seventeen patients received adrenaline (median peak dose 120 [micro]g/min, IQR 72 to 320 [micro]g/min) in addition to noradrenaline.
HRs for diabetes associated with an IQR increase (a) before 12 months PM exposure for first and final 2 years of follow-up.
T-cells (% of PBMC) was comparable to and within the IQR of the comparison group at day 0, 2 and 4 weeks of cART.
5] water-soluble metals Change in birth weight and 95% CIs correspond to an IQR increase in pollutant value for each exposure window reported in Table 2.
HIV-infected children were admitted for longer (median 6 days, IQR 4-14 days) than HIV-uninfected children (median 3 days, IQR 2-5 days; Wilcoxon p = 0.
The highest liver function levels recorded for the women were serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT) 2616,500 IU/L (median 1,280 IU/L, IQR 434-8,322 IU/L, reference <58 IU/L).
PDL model estimates for BC lagged up to 47 hr indicated that IQR increases in BC during the 10 hr before eNO measurements had the strongest associations with eNO (Figure 4).
Above LOD[n(%)] Compound IQR (all; Cases Subcohort [micro]g/kg lipid) p.
Approval time for amendment submissions to the MCC was shorter than for first submissions (median 103 days; IQR 76-141, range 23-191), but this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.
Patients who knew about coccidioidomycosis before seeking healthcare were more likely to be diagnosed earlier than those patients who were unfamiliar with the disease (median 20 days [range 0-3,653 days, IQR 6-56 days] vs.
Collectively, we observed positive, significant associations between eNO and measures of size-fractionated PM and BC, with findings of 1-3% increases in eNO per IQR increase in 48-hr pollutant concentrations.