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IRATEInternational Radio Action Training Education (Berkeley, CA)
IRATEInfinite Rebellion Against the Establishment (band and album)
IRATEIsland Residents Against Toxic Environments
IRATEIndigenous Resistance against Tribal Extinction (Maine)
IRATEInterim Remote Area Terminal Equipment
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He added an affirmatory nod, and continued to gaze upon me with a kind of irate solemnity, holding his substantial stick between his knees, with his hands clasped upon its head.
The waiter who was busy with a party of engineers dining in the dining hall, came several times with an irate countenance in answer to her summons, and could not avoid carrying out her orders, as she gave them with such gracious insistence that there was no evading her.
This woman, largely built, middle-aged, and too irate to comprehend, clutched Mary's hair by one hand and lifted the other to smack her.
Monsieur Rigaud sometimes stopped, as if he were going to put his case in a new light, or make some irate remonstrance; but Signor Cavalletto continuing to go slowly to and fro at a grotesque kind of jog-trot pace with his eyes turned downward, nothing came of these inclinings.
He was irate and defiant; and Tom, though he espoused his father's quarrels and shared his father's sense of injury, was not without some of the feeling that oppressed Maggie when Mr.
1 (ANI): Train services along the Western Railway route resumed partially on Tuesday, hours after police had to resort to a baton charge and firing in the air to disperse irate passengers.
Message boards at Cardiff City websites have been filled with irate fans who had already promised the extra tickets to friends and even made travel arrangements.
A laundry list of complaints can be found on Internet sites started by irate car owners (such as the "AAMCO Sucks" site at www.
The man reportedly became irate when security screeners asked him to turn his belt over during the passenger screening process at Concourse E.
Sir, - I discover in your letters page one Mr Kelly, irate because he was stopped by a policeman for doing 40mph in a 30mph zone.
At least 55 people are dead and 43 were injured Wednesday morning when an irate mob set fire to four carriages of a passenger train at Godhra in the western Indian state Gujarat following clashes between Hindu fanatics and local Muslims, an official from the Godhra district administration told Kyodo News.
Irate phone calls and clogging the mayor's office hardly qualify as acts of terrorism.