IRBAIndependent Regulatory Board for Auditors (South Africa)
IRBAInternal Ratings Based Approach
IRBAInternational Reptile Breeders Association
IRBAIsle Royale Boaters Association (Houghton, MI)
IRBAIllinois Road Builders Association
IRBAInstitut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées (French: Institute for Military Biomedical Research)
IRBAInfrastructure for Regional Banking Activity (Tokyo, Japam)
IRBAInfrastructure for Regional Banking Activity (Japanese company)
IRBAInternational Rose Breeders Association
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The IRBA are regarded as the first awards program to be based on the most academically rigorous analysis of global Islamic banking performances.
Panel B was tested by using in-house techniques at IRBA.
Dr Prat is deputy director of the French National Reference Center for Arboviruses at IRBA.
Results of serologic diagnostic testing of 23 serum samples (panel A) in a study evaluating the accuracy of commercially available CHIKV test kits * In-house ELISA CDC IRBA ([double In-house CHIKV ([dagger]) dagger]) neutralization, Virus tested, IRBA and CDC sample no.
The IRBA also plays an important role in protecting the interest of the local and international investor community, and to do this, the IRBA sets down an agreed set of principles and values supported by well-developed and internationally recognised standards, clear laws and regulations for the profession which must be revised as necessary.
In July 2015, the IRBA began a process to investigate how to strengthen auditor independence, looking carefully at issues and threats to independence, but also in the South African context examining the effects of market concentration and the progress of the profession with regards to transformation, as part of its mandate and in fulfilling its role as an entity of State.
Acquisition of a double entry autoclave NS4B to the laboratory of the IRBA
Contract notice: Acquisition Of A Virtual Simulation Platform System Of Sensory Interactions To Benefit The Institute For Biomedical Research Of The Armed - IRBA.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: IRBA - Bretigny on Barley bp76 91223 Bretigny on Barley
Balraj Singh 2/20, Mohammed Faraz 2/30, Mohammed Irbas 2/35).