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IRBMIntermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
IRBMIntegrated River Basin Management
IRBMIntegrated Results Based Management System (Malaysia)
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Standard nomenclature categorizes missiles with a range of less than 1,000 km as SRBMs, 1,000-3,000 km as MRBMs, 3,000-5,500 km as IRBMs, and in excess of 5,500 km as ICBMs.
The SS-5 Skean was NATO's name for the Soviet R-14 IRBM capable of reaching San Francisco from its western Cuban platforms.
Telegram from Thurston to the Department of State, November 22, 1958, Document 497, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Memorandum-Subject: Actions in re IRBM Programs, January 2, 1959, Document 503, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Telegram from Thurston to the Secretary of State, January 3, 1959, Document 505, NSA, Non-Proliferation; Telegram from Secretary of State Dulles to Thurston, January 9, 1959, Document 510, NSA, Non-Proliferation.
His coverage of several topics is especially noteworthy: sparring between the USAF and the Royal Air Force over levels of authority; efforts to control the press; dissatisfaction of trainees with their circumstances; and UK motives for accepting Thor IRBMs.
For institutional analysis, using institutional analysis and development (IAD) framework, action arenas were defined for IRBM in LRB.
For example, based on engagement-simulation results from previous works, a notional 3,000 km IRBM (figs.
With 55 PacketShaper appliances deployed throughout its network, IRBM has visibility into the applications running between the branch offices and powerful quality of service controls to prioritize and protect latency-sensitive Voice over IP (VoIP) sessions.
The IRBM is an integrated, state-of-the-art small molecule and biological discovery centre.
47) Twenty-four IRBM sites, all ex-World War II airfields, which in some cases had for a second time been requisitioned from their owners, were established in the United Kingdom.
Nicola La Monica most recently served as Director of Antiviral Research at IRBM, a division of Merck Research Laboratories, in Rome, Italy, where he has worked from 1991 to 2009.
the President's Scientific Advisor and a highly influential individual in these formative days, expressed concern that the Soviets might develop an IRBM before the U.