IRCBInstitut Royal Colonial Belge (French)
IRCBIris Root/Ciliary Body (ocular science)
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The evaluation began with 32 candidates for the IRCB Magic Quadrant for 2008 and resulted in a qualified group of 22 combinations of vendors and products that represent the major movers in retail core banking systems.
Vendor qualification for inclusion in the 2006 IRCB Magic Quadrant was centered on market-established players and some relatively new entrants that show strong promise.
According to the Gartner report, "there were 31 initial combinations of software vendors and products for the IRCB Magic Quadrant; 18 finalists were selected for inclusion.
The Gartner Magic Quadrant IRCB 2010 report "assesses the suitability of core banking system providers and their product offerings to address the impact of these and other trends in the IRCB market.