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IRCDInternet Relay Chat Daemon
IRCDInternational Research Committee on Disasters (International Sociological Association)
IRCDInternational Resource Center for Democracy (Indiana)
IRCDInstitute for Regional Community Development (University of Canberra, Australia)
IRCDInjection Rate Control Device
IRCDInternational Review of Community Development
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Currently, the IRCD approach reduces the report cost to approximately $4 each, and postage costs plunge to an average of 55 cents each.
In addition to providing corporate information in a highly attractive, entertaining and interactive form, the IRCD packages offer substantial savings to companies over traditional written annual reports and investor relations materials, in both production and mailing costs.
In the case of the IRCD products, the basic package includes filming three corporate executive interviews, a 10-page corporate profile section, a financial bottom line section featuring charts and graphs that illustrate the financial aspects of the company, products and services sections, a research library, and an Internet uplink function that takes the viewer to a specific Internet website for up-to-the-minute information.
Using a format similar to its IRCD and EHSCD products, the Company has also developed an Employee Orientation CD-ROM (EOCD) for internal use by corporations.
Designed for ease of use, the IRCD offers instant-play capability on both PC and Macintosh, as well as high-speed search and the ability to print selected information.
Based on current orders, the average cost for an IRCD (including packaging and postage) is about $4.
The Del Webb IRCD will provide a complete company profile, including its leadership, activities and strategic and financial outlook.