IRDFIntegrated Rural Development Foundation (Philippines)
IRDFIndustrial R&D Fellowships (Canada)
IRDFInternational Reactor Dosimetry File (International Atomic Energy Agency)
IRDFIntegrated Rice and Duck Farming (agriculture)
IRDFICMP Router Discovery Protocol
IRDFIncident Response and Digital Forensics (online information security)
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The IRDF program supports post-doctoral fellows to pursue their research in industry performing 100% of their research at company facilities (OECD, 2006).
We are also extremely grateful to the IRDF for its support of the project, which is critical to its success," he added.
During the confab, rice-duck farming system (IRDFS) experts and farmer practitioners, as well as development investors from all over Asia, will share and exchange knowledge and innovations that highlight the IRDFS as a climate-smart agriculture system, and as a social enterprise business model that addresses rural poverty.