IRDOInstitutul Roman Pentru Drepturile Omului (Romanian: Romanian Institute for Human Rights; Bucharest, Romania)
IRDOIntegrated Rural Development Organisation (India)
IRDOIleje Rural Development Organisation (Tanzania)
IRDOImpact Research and Development Organization (Kisumu, Kenya)
IRDOIntermediate Retention of Differential Overlap
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It is also based on nine conferences STIQE (linking systems thinking, innovation, quality, entrepreneurship and environmental care) under co-chairs Professor Dr Miroslav Rebernik and Professor Dr Matjaz Mulej, as well as on the three conferences on social responsibility chaired by the latter and Mrs Anita Hrast, establisher and manager of the IRDO (Institute for Development of Social Responsibility, Maribor, Slovenia).
An international presence also has become a much more important issue in the IRDO strategic business agenda.
GTRI's close association with Georgia Tech creates a unique opportunity for the IRDO staffers.
R&D: What has changed the most in IRDOs over the past several years, since Sept.
For the past five years, the editors of R&D Magazine have held roundtable discussions with the CEOs of these IRDOs to discuss and evaluate the current issues affecting their specific organizations and the overall state of the R&D community.
IRDOs bring their own set of expertise to a diverse customer base and try to predict where the research trends are going.
The results of these attempts would be a good starting point for next year's IRDO roundtable.
The economic slowdown and reduced industrial activities at these IRDOs has brought with it fewer opportunities to commercialize new products, continues McCabe.
IRDOs can and are being used to improve the operating economies of many corporations, so much so that some large corporations--after working with an IRDO--take a much closer look at their own lab operations and see what it really costs to operate them.
IRDO managers spend substantial amounts of time with their patent attorneys to ensure that their IP and the IP of their clients and/or spin-off organizations are protected.
IRDO researchers also typically have an enormous amount of technical freedom.
In an IRDO environment, the researchers are generally devoted to the single purpose of making technology changes to change the world.