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IRDPIraq Research and Documentation Project (Harvard University/Iraq Foundation)
IRDPICMP Router Discovery Protocol
IRDPIntegrated Rural Development Programme (India)
IRDPInstitut de Recherche et de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Institute for Research and Educational Documentation; Switzerland)
IRDPInternet Router Discovery Protocol (computer networking)
IRDPIndustrial and Regional Development Program (Canada)
IRDPIndividual R&D Projects
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One day in one of the leading villages a meeting was called to discuss about the second phase of the IRDP loan programme.
It is done through the IRDP for milch animal scheme and to attract the poor a loan with subsidy was announced.
Access to credit was a strong incentive for husband's to allow their wives to become IRDP members and was especially so given the declining security of small-scale agriculture.
NGO activities, for instance, did not generally privilege agricultural activities, such as those initially prioritized by the IRDP credit program for women--chicken raising, cow rearing, and kitchen gardens, but instead promoted loans for petty commodity production.
For an elaboration of this argument in the context of the JRY and IRDP, see Gaiha et al.
Some field evidence from the Rae Bareli district in UP points to larger underutilization of JRY and IRDP outlays following the installation of the new Panchayat system.
More seriously, other evidence points to the "capture" of the Gram Panchayats by a few influential persons, resulting in large-scale diversion of JRY and IRDP funds.
Inadequate accountability and low participation of the poor in IRDP made the programme further wasteful through mismanagement and corruption.
IRDP is confined to rural areas and PMRY covers urban areas.
IRDP survey of 1973-74 and the PIDE Wheat Market Survey of 1981-82 for several reasons.
Protective discriminatory measures such as reservation in jobs and quotas in various rural development programmes such as IRDP, JRY, etc.