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IRDPIraq Research and Documentation Project (Harvard University/Iraq Foundation)
IRDPICMP Router Discovery Protocol
IRDPIntegrated Rural Development Programme (India)
IRDPInstitut de Recherche et de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Institute for Research and Educational Documentation; Switzerland)
IRDPInternet Router Discovery Protocol (computer networking)
IRDPIndustrial and Regional Development Program (Canada)
IRDPIndividual R&D Projects
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While the goals of the IRDP were modest and met the interests of only a segment of the rural population, its national reach contributed to expanding women's visibility outside the para (neighborhood), and increasingly, to women working or traveling in the company of men.
Access to credit was a strong incentive for husband's to allow their wives to become IRDP members and was especially so given the declining security of small-scale agriculture.
Lack of transparency and political intervention were another causes of the failure of the IRDP in the past.
72) Recently, the central government introduced a group insurance scheme for agricultural laborers and IRDP beneficiaries.
Some field evidence from the Rae Bareli district in UP points to larger underutilization of JRY and IRDP outlays following the installation of the new Panchayat system.
IRDP is confined to rural areas and PMRY covers urban areas.
Inadequate accountability and low participation of the poor in IRDP made the programme further wasteful through mismanagement and corruption.
Tenders are invited for Appointment of consultant for the valuation of work under IRDP Kolhapur in Connection With Valuation of Work under IRDP Kolhapur
Protective discriminatory measures such as reservation in jobs and quotas in various rural development programmes such as IRDP, JRY, etc.
IRDP survey of 1973-74 and the PIDE Wheat Market Survey of 1981-82 for several reasons.
The IRDP would scale up the program~s impact and will fund: (a) rehabilitation of irrigation systems covering about 300,000 ha of irrigated areas; (b) the design and construction of a limited number of multi-purpose small dams and appurtenances, and associated irrigation conveyance and distribution systems in closed river basins; (c) establishment of hydro-meteorological facilities and services; and (d) technical assistance for project management as well as capacity building of Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and beneficiary communities.
The IRDP is part of government s efforts to improve agricultural productivity under the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda, 2010 to 2013.