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IREInvestigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.
IREInstitute for Research and Evaluation (Salt Lake City, UT)
IREInstitute of Radio Engineers (old name for IEEE)
IREInvestment Related Expenses (various organizations)
IREIron Responsive Element
IREInformation Retrieval Engine
IREInternational Rental Exhibition (trade show)
IREInnovating Regions in Europe (European Commission)
IREInstitutional Real Estate (various organizations)
IREIndefinitely Reinvested Earnings
IREInterRegioExpress (German railway)
IREInternational Review of Education
IREInformation Resource Engineering
IREInstitut National des Radioéléments
IREInternal Reflection Element
IREImpairment Rating Evaluation
IREImaginación Racional Emotiva (Spanish: Rational Emotive Imagination; psychology)
IREInstitute for Regional Education
IREInternal Reconnection Event
IREInternational Radio Engineers
IREInter-Continental Rubber Exchange (Index)
IREInfrastructure Renewals Expenditure
IREIonizing Radiation Effects
IREInitial Response Element
IREInstitute for Railroad Engineering
IREInternational Respiratory Epidemiology
IREImmediate Ready Element
IREInstitute of Royal Engineers
IREInertial Reference Electronics
IREInternational Review of Entrepreneurship (Senate Hall Academic Publishing)
IREInspection Régionale de l'Elevage (French: Regional Livestock Inspection; Sénégal)
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sup][10],[11] All LAPC patients at our institution underwent IRE only after consensus was reached by a multidisciplinary medical team.
In the first scheme IRE received money from consumers by guaranteeing a return on their investments, which was actually a money circulation scheme.
91% of IRE journalists use different passwords for different online
NICAR was spawned by IRE several years ago, and has required increasing space.
IRE potentially offers significant advantages over radiofrequency and cryoablation, the two leading thermal ablation technologies in the market today, including:
IRE notified members in October of the intent to hire Horvit.
Reporters from dailies throughout the country converged in Phoenix to investigate Bowles' death and IRE became an outgrowth of that cooperative project.
IRE is quartered at the University of Missouri (100 Neff Hall, School of Journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
9 SEABASS (IRE) Trainer: Ted Walsh IRE SIX straight wins looks very tempting to punters.
Under a licensing agreement, IRE, a provider of VPN solutions for secure business communications, will supply Cylink with its popular IPSec-certified client software, which helps secure client communications with other clients and gateways over TCP/IP networks and dial-up connections.
We commend IRE for making the commitment to technology and delivering on the promise of market longevity.
With this announcement, that same great IRE quality and security that was previously available to these types of organizations is now available to businesses with cable modems, DSL, and dial-up connections.