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IREAD Tyndale's piece on Sunday regarding the Sikh festival in Birmingham in relation to St Georges Day.
IREAD an article recently claiming that a job for life is a thing of the past.
IREAD with interest the comments of the HRI chairman, Denis Brosnan, at the 'Future of European Racing' meeting reported in the February 1 edition of the Racing Post.
Q IREAD your problem page about the woman who fantasises about Jack Bauer from the series 24 while making love to her husband.
IREAD an article over the weekend describing being a parent of an autistic child as preparing to take a trip of a lifetime to Italy.
IREAD your report headlined 'Harborne cabbie gets parking ticket' about the cab driver who was issued with a ticket as he helped a blind and disabled pensioner out of his vehicle.
IREAD with surprise that the 1960s had been voted as the defining 10 years of British history.
IREAD with interest recent articles in The Journal about the health problems in the young resulting from over consumption of alcohol.
IREAD with dismay last week that few young people consider nursing as a possible option when making career decisions.