IRECInternet Real Estate Consulting (Hungary)
IRECInstitut de Recherche Etudes Culturelles (Culturel Studies Research Centre)
IRECInterim Ricebird Embedded Crypto
IRECIonizing Radiation Effects Compatibility
IRECInland Revenue Enquiry Centre (UK)
IRECInterstate Renewable Energy Council
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Since 2005, IREC has been the North American Licensee for the IREC ISPQ International Standard 01022.
Address for correspondence: Jose de la Fuente, Instituto de Investigacion en Recursos Cinegeticos IREC (CSIC-UCLM-JCCM), 13005 Ciudad Real, Spain; email: jose_delafuente@ yahoo.
Solar Training - NABCEP and IREC Training Courses and Certification Programs
We look forward to partnering with IREC to demonstrate value and assure competency for this important national priority.
IREC GTS software maintenance and hardware partners, acquisition of additional licenses, special equipment and associated services.
system capacity limits but the IREC recommends no aggregate system
IREC takes place every two years, alternating between developed and developing nations.
For more information check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE), a free online resource provided by the North Carolina Solar Center and IREC with funding from the U.
Held this year as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, the world's largest annual sustainable energy event, ADIREC is the fifth IREC, building upon successful outcomes in Delhi in 2010 (DIREC), Washington in 2008 (WIREC), Beijing in 2005, and Bonn in 2004.
Hosted by alternate governments every two years, IREC 2013 will be in Abu Dhabi and builds upon the outcomes from the previous conference in New Delhi, India.
This very comprehensive IREC accredited solar course is designed to prepare workers and businessmen to enter into the solar energy industry.
The IREC model aims to deal with these two problems in a unitary framework, in which the text structure and the tool design are taken into account jointly and evaluated from a more general point of view.