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IRENAInternational Renewable Energy Agency (est. 2009; intergovernmental agency)
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IRENA estimates that Ukraine has the largest potential for solar (70 GW) and wind energy (320 GW), as well as biomass generation in Southeast Europe.
Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, director-general of ADFD, said: "ADFD's collaboration with Irena aligns with the Fund's core mandate of supporting sustainable socio-economic development across developing countries through financing projects that serve vital economic sectors.
Irena is mandated to be the global hub for renewable energy cooperation and information exchange by 153 members (152 states and the European Union).
While great progress is underway in the power sector, attention can be turned to the relatively untapped potential that exists to integrate renewable energy into end-use sectors such as transportation, heating and cooling," said Adnan Z Ameen, director-general of Irena.
This collaboration with Irena exemplifies our core business of partnerships and alliances to drive advancements in all key economy sectors, especially the renewable energy sector, which will guarantee a long-term, sustainable and environmentally conscious future.
The "most attractive" markets for solar panels up to 2020 are Brazil, Chile, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, according to Irena.
Amin, the IRENA Director-General, achieving a 36 percent share of renewable energy in the global economy by 2030 would increase the global gross domestic product by 1.
Ambassador Durrani reiterated Pakistan's full support for the objectives and initiatives of IRENA stating that mainstreaming renewable energy remains a priority for Pakistan.
Irena also found the children safer places to live with host families, orphanages, and convents.
IRENA and ADFD will reveal details of renewable energy projects that will receive funding through the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility.
Thus, we look forward to working with IRENA members to promote the adoption of renewable energy solutions on a large scale in various parts of the world," Shaikh Abdullah said.