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IRENAInternational Renewable Energy Agency (est. 2009; intergovernmental agency)
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The Global Atlas pocket is meant for experts in the field, using technical terminology and data collected by Irena from various reliable, government and non-government sources around the world.
So far the first two cycles of the Irena and ADFD partnership have resulted in $98m worth of projects expected to produce renewable energy capacity exceeding 56 megawatts.
Meanwhile, a statement issued by IRENA on Friday said that under the agreement, which entered into force in October 2013, the UAE as a host country is responsible for the provision of facilities and services that ensure the proper functioning of the agency's work.
Irena products have been presented in some 9,000 media news items in almost 130 countries since the beginning of this year, he said.
News of trouble with IRENA comes shortly after reports that Masdar City, the ambitious carbon-free, environmentally friendly city will not be completed until 2020, four years after it was supposed to be completed.
The UAE's Department of Energy & Climate Change was established within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March 2010 as a direct result of the UAE's winning bid to become IRENA's home, and acts as the focal point for the UAE's engagement with IRENA.
I will work so that my prison mates are released to meet them in complete freedom," Irena said.
IRENA says it will continue to collect renewable energy project cost data for power generation.
The Irena assembly, which features interactive ministerial roundtables, plenary sessions and technical meetings, will attract more than 800 of the most influential voices in renewable energy, representing 131 countries and 57 organisations, and including 64 ministers and other high-level officials.
Pelosse said the novelty of IRENA is that it comprises both oil producing and importing countries, which previously were largely grouped in either the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) or the International Energy Agency (IEA).
The second part, "Dictionaries," is a string of short essays in which, tongue in cheek, Irena defines her favorite words.