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IRENEInternational Restructuring Education Network Europe (labor organization)
IRENEInstitute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe (est. 1995)
IRENEInstitut de Recherche et d'Enseignement sur la Négociation en Europe (French: Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe)
IRENEImage, Reconstruct, Erase Noise, Etc. (sound recording)
IRENEIniziative Ricerche Esperienze Nuova Europa (Italian: Experience New Europe Research Initiatives; Milan, Italy)
IRENEIntegrated Resources for Evaluating Numerical Estimates (software)
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I was half-dragged up to the altar, and before I knew where I was I found myself mumbling responses which were whispered in my ear, and vouching for things of which I knew nothing, and generally assisting in the secure tying up of Irene Adler, spinster, to Godfrey Norton, bachelor.
Miss Irene, or Madame, rather, returns from her drive at seven.
Irene Adler, as I will still call her, had hurried up the steps; but she stood at the top with her superb figure outlined against the lights of the hall, looking back into the street.
The photograph was of Irene Adler herself in evening dress, the letter was superscribed to "Sherlock Holmes, Esq.
And when he speaks of Irene Adler, or when he refers to her photograph, it is always under the honourable title of the woman.
Tim Haswell lingered three days, during which time he not only confessed to the murder of Irene Tackley, but furnished conclusive proofs of the same.
John Hartwell, its editor, elaborated an ingenious theory that got around the confessions of the two criminals and went to show that Gluck was responsible, after all, for the murder of Irene Tackley.
Sherbourne had continued to live in the home he had built for Irene Tackley, and one morning in January, 1933, he was found dead.
Calling all his nobles together he bade Irene appear before him.
In her first ever P1 class in 1976 was a girl called Jennifer Wadley - who went on to be a teacher at the same school and is now taking over the top job at Bell's Brae from Irene, 65.
They have known each other since schooldays, when St Paul's pupil Irene used to visit Ayresome School, which Richard attended for cookery lessons.
Before Irene began her chemotherapy treatment, which she receives three times a month at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Irene had Amphinex injected into her system and activated at Fazakerley.