IREXInternational Research & Exchanges Board
IREXInternet Real Estate Express (Canada)
IREXInformation Retrieval and Extraction Exercise (computer programming contest)
IREXInland Real Estate Exchange Corporation
IREXIndiana Real Estate Exchangors (Indianapolis, IN)
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IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change globally.
The Iris Exchange IREX III evaluation was conducted to measure the accuracy and speed of iris identification algorithms in support of the development of large-scale identification applications.
The Supreme Council for Women's Affairs requested that the IREX materials for the workshop be distributed among courts in the Kurdistan Region, especially anti-domestic violence courts.
IREX and IWPR are discussing the media laws in Iraq in a conference in Erbil next Thursday, present by a number of Iraqi journalists and parliament members.
IREX intends to tame those into a regulatory environment of its own.
Option's Gobi 2000 enables IREX DR800SG users to enjoy upload data rates of 5.
Yemeni Parliament and IREX organization reviewed here on Wednesday issues related to cooperation aspects between them in the field of providing experience during the formulation of laws drafts and their amendments.
AMMAN (Star)AuA 4-minute video about the old city of Amman won the first prize in a video blogging competition organized by AmmanNet and Washington-based IREX.
Crowcon says its new IREX infrared (IR) flammable gas detector is an alternative to pellistor-(catalytic bead) type flammable gas detectors.
She is the daughter of Ruth Rowan and Brian Swanson of Northboro, and a 2007 graduate of Amherst College and was employed by IREX, International Research and Exchanges Board in Washington, D.
IREX will focus on youth who will be able to bridge divisions in their communities and advance governmental transparency and accountability," it said.
The tools most frequently used by State and USAID as performance indicators--Freedom House's Freedom of the Press survey and the IREX Media Sustainability Index--are useful for determining the status of the media in selected countries but are of limited utility in measuring the specific contributions of U.