IRFPInternational Research Fellowship Program (NSF)
IRFPImplementation Request for Proposal
IRFPInitial Relative Filtration Pressure
IRFPInformation Requirements Focal Point
IRFPInitial Steady-State Relative Filtration Pressure
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Six projects funded by the IRFP serve as the central focus of the volume: Use of Molecular Methods for Better Understanding of Tuberculosis in Iraq; Transforming the Learning Environment Through Theater: Developing a Basra Model; Female Iraqi Academics in Post-Invasion Iraq: Roles, Challenges & Capacities; Analytical Study of Curricula of Education in Iraq; and Child Health in Iraqi Higher Education: Needs Assessment for Psychosocial Training.
Established in 1992, IRFP provides financial support to postdoctoral scientists for a research experience abroad lasting from 9 to 24 months; there is no restriction on the geographical location of the hosting institution.
Funding was provided by NSERC to ACM (238882 241419), NIH to RRH (NIDCR01 D000103), and an NSF IRFP (0502239) to DOE.