IRFPAInfrared Focal Plane Array
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Laser source with optical setup Figure (1) for laser sheet formation and IRFPA experimental seeker assembly in figure (2) and internal scanning mechanism in third generation advanced anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).
2nd to 4th generation Seekers Electro- Optics and IRFPA Assembly Third and fourth generation IRFPA seeker used LASER Striking Countermeasure (LSCM).
High speed changes in speckle pattern images are observed from IRFPA.
However, the IRFPA promises to solve this problem, since by virtue of "staring" at the IR scene, its processor can employ temporal, spectral and spatial processing to help eliminate false alarms and pick valid targets for tracking.
Today, an IRFPA composed of a 64 x 64 element array of indium antiminide detectors typically costs in the neighborhood of $50,000.
After a stormy beginning, during which the fate of the IRFPA initiative was debated by Congress, the program was finally started in 1989 with limited funding under the direction of DARPA.
But we must be wary, lest we become mesmerized into believing we are the only nation engaged in the pursuit of IRFPA technology.
In 1986, the under secretary of defense requested the DOD product Engineering Services Office (DPESO) to assess the requirements for IRFPAs in military systems.
DPESO further estimated that the combined needs for IRFPAs in military systems between 1991 and 1996 totaled more than 340,000 IRFPAs (based on a 64 x 64 element array).
Hence, we can readily conclude our adversaries will also soon be developing IRFPAs for their own use in future IR missiles and other weapons.