IRGC-QFIranian Revolutionary Guard - Qods Force (Iran)
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There is a distinction between the offensive cyber tools the IRGC-QF and Spetsnaz employed at the tactical level and those that exist at the strategic level.
Jafarzadeh stated that IRGC-QF Commander, Qasem Soleimani, "reports directly to the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his office.
Despite that history, it appears as if the Obama administration has begun to take major steps against the IRGC-QF for its role in the assassination plot.
Treasury Department named IRGC-QF a Specially Designated Global Terrorist
Here Iran tried and tested its cell based methodology, utilizing members of Saudi Hezbollah (21) who studied and trained in Iran to carry out this attack under the direction of the IRGC-QF.
According to declassified USG information, Azerbaijan has long been a target of the IRGC-QF because of its shared border with Iran, large Shi'a population, close relationship with the United States, and Iran's problems with its own ethnic Azeri population.
As Iran grows as a real and perceived power in the region, there is great danger that it will be emboldened to increase its IRGC-QF adventurism abroad.
For some time now, Hezbollah and the IRGC-QF have been trying to establish a presence in the northern portion of the Syrian Golan Heights in order to create a new front for proxy action against Israel.
The IRGC-QF s continued cooperation and coordination with Hizballah has assisted the Syrian government s efforts to violently crush opposition to Assad s rule in Syria and highlights the combined Iranian and Syrian campaign to use their military resources and terrorist clients to inflict violence and suffering on the Syrian people and deny their legitimate democratic aspirations.
The airline, the trading company and the IRGC-QF officials were involved, respectively, in shipments of weapons to the Levant and Africa, further demonstrating Iran s determination to evade international sanctions and export violence and instability throughout the Middle East and beyond.
Based in Tehran, Yas Air is an Iranian cargo airline that acts for or on behalf of the IRGC-QF to transport illicit cargo including weapons to Iran s clients in the Levant.
This weapons shipment orchestrated by the IRGC-QF and intended for The Gambia is part of a larger pattern of Iranian lethal aid shipments to clients in Africa and around the world.