IRGCNIranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
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It is certainly not a new thing for IRGCN boats to harass Western and American ships crossing the strait.
IRGCN admiral Ali Fadavi responded to those words on August 11--according to the IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency, he took them as both a sign of American weakness and an opportunity to lash out at domestic rivals: "That statement shows the U.
Such a mindset may help the IRGCN justify its recent naval provocations, casting them as Iran's primary means of curbing U.
The IRGCN tactics and command-and-control abilities to execute
showed that the five-inch guns could strike IRGCN boats before they
Such crafts can reach top speeds of 60-70 knots, giving "the IRGCN some of the fastest naval vessels in the Persian Gulf," the study said.
When the sea piracy in the Gulf of Aden started, first the IRGC Navy's special forces were dispatched to the region and stayed there for four months," General Fadavi told reporters on the sidelines of the 18th annual meeting of the IRGCN.
The IRGCN move came after the US Navy commanders beefed up their Persian Gulf fleet.