IRGSPInternational Rice Genome Sequencing Project
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In addition to sharing its data with IRGSP, Monsanto established a rice genome database at http://www.
At this point, more than 90 percent of the sequences contained in the Monsanto rice genome sequence data can now also be found in the public databases of the IRGSP.
Monsanto did this to benefit the now nine-member IRGSP consortium in reaching its primary objective sooner -- the production of a complete and finished sequence of the genome of the Japanese rice variety Nipponbare.
Formally coming together in 1998 to complete and publish the entire genome sequence of rice, scientists from Japan, the United States, China, Korea, European Union and other members of the IRGSP agreed to use a single germplasm, to share materials and information, to immediately make public completed portions of the genome, to achieve certain accuracy standards, and to coordinate their work.
By August 2001, the transfer of Monsanto's raw sequence data and research materials to the IRGSP was complete.
The work of the IRGSP continued, incorporating data from Monsanto's draft sequence.
Since Monsanto's genome sequencing data was made available nearly two years ago, there has been an enormous increase in the amount of sequence data being deposited in public databases," said Ben Burr, co-lead of the IRGSP.
I am joined by many others who are working to improve the food security of the world's 800 million malnourished people in applauding the IRGSP for its important work and urging that it be carried to completion.
In addition to Japan, the other countries that comprise the IRGSP are the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Thailand, France, Brazil and the United Kingdom.
Availability of the sequence data, and the willingness of Monsanto scientists to work with the IRGSP, has enabled project scientists to plan for and implement a complete, high quality draft sequence of the rice genome to be completed next year.
In addition to sharing its data with the IRGSP, Monsanto established a rice genome database at www.
In August 2000, Monsanto completed the transfer of its rice genome data to the IRGSP and announced the launch of a new Internet web site, www.