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IRIGInter-Range Instrumentation Group (Range Commanders Council)
IRIGInertial Reference Integrating Gyro
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He continues to protest his innocence, as he sits in the garden of his rented house in Irig, Vojvodina, drinking beer with his friends.
Using an acronym for the Iranian government and the IRGC, Ambassador Hill acknowledged Iran's pragmatism: "The IRIG recognizes that influence in Iraq requires operational [and at times ideological] flexibility.
The TMX data acquisition system accepts a wide variety of inputs, including voltage, thermocouple, DC bridge, video, audio, IRIG, GPS and MIL-1553.
Si, evaluados por cualquiera de nosotros, (8) se interpretan los casos de Stanley como situaciones en las que no hay mucho en juego para el evaluador, entonces obtendremos los resultados deseados, con la ayuda de una teoria acerca de las atribuciones de conocimiento analoga a la teoria del conocimiento presentada por Stanley, pero que tenga al IRIG en lugar del IRI como parte propia.
To enable synchronized, precise backup timing for organizations with geographically disparate storage locations that need to be backed up at the same time, the iS900 iSCSI NAS Server, which is expandable to 18 TB, is designed with GPS, IRIG timing/atomic time generator or receiver, and provides continuous worldwide coverage for navigation and time frequency users.
The IRIG 106 Chapter 10 interface standard provides a well-defined control and download interface.
That is all changing with the adoption of IRIG 106 Chapter 10, the Digital On-Board Recorder Standard, the culmination of several years' cooperative effort by the Range Commanders Council, manufacturers, and users.
We offer an extensive line of high-speed digital, and analog products using solid state, disk, rotary and longitudinal technologies including IRIG 106 Chapter 10 compliant multiple and single channel recorder/reproducer products.
Contract notice: Maintenance of the IRIG (Geographic Data Warehouse) application on behalf of the MEN and MESRI Evaluation, Foresight and Performance Directorate.
2 -7 Symphony IRIG Data provided by SymphonylRI Group, formerly named IRL Driving the transformation of the consumer packaged goods (CP6), retail, and healthcare industries, SymphonylRI Group provides a uniquccombination of reai-time market content, advanced analytics, enterprise performance management software, and professional services-Visit www.
10] December 27 - January 3, 2012: Darfur: *Dec 28: Antonovs bomb several villages in Bahr al Arab locality, South Darfur, including Jawgan, Abu Maragrig, Um Irig, and el-Fayed.
Your neighbours won't thank you for cranking your Marshall at 1am, so for late-night practice the iRig is a far better option.