IRIIInternet Research and Innovation Institute (Lithuania)
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3/4 4-letter words which exhibit 3 like vowels include: AAAB (an Egyptian, the son of Kherab-cad), FAAA (Tahiti), NAAA (Mozambique), TAAA (Morocco), WAAA (Egypt), ESEE (easy), SEEE (El Salvador), TEEE (Australia), IRII (Japan), DOOO (Ivory Coast), OOON (wnh), OORO (Somalia), UULU (Estonia), UURU (Solomon Is).
Thanks to IDB financing, IRII will introduce a model for apparel manufacturing that radically departs from the prevailing paradigm of low-cost production of commodity garments, said Rahul Desai, the project team leader at the IDB's Opportunities for the Majority initiative.
The Opportunities for the Majority Sector (OMJ) is proposing to provide a senior secured loan of up to US$ 3 million to IRII, to help finance the start-up of the facility.