IRISLIslamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines
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Additionally, Skuld will be cooperating with IRISL on staff training and upgrading knowledge and capabilities of the Iranian insurance specialists.
Last September, Egypt blocked the AMIN, an oil tanker from IRISL.
IRISL has been on a Western blacklist of sanctioned entities for years, accused of transporting weapons, which it denies.
In January 2008, when IRISL placed the Mipo order, some of the present US sanctions against Iran were in place but the European Union (EU) had no such policies as yet.
Despite a 2010 UN resolution on dealing with Iranian state front firms, until recently Maltese flags still fluttered at the masts of 48 of 144 IRISL vessels identified by the EU, while Cypriot colours flew above 12.
IRISL, its many subsidiaries and their dozens of ships have drawn sanctions from the United States, United Nations and the European Union for their suspected role in transporting military equipment for Tehran.
The Manhattan DA's office noted that "IRISL has violated UN Security Council Resolutions by chartering vessels to transport IRISL cargo containers of ammunition and weaponry from Iran to countries linked to international terrorism.
Last month the EU targeted over 30 IRISL holding companies as part of a wider sanctions campaign led by Western states aimed mostly at forcing Tehran to curb its nuclear energy drive, which they suspect is meant to develop atomic bombs.
As events unfolded, it became clear that IRISL plays a prominent role in Tehran's clandestine operation to supply arms to its allies across the Middle East.
The Hansa India's owners, Leonhardt & Blumberg of Hamburg said the ship had been chartered by IRISL for $5,000 a day.
On Monday, London said it had ordered financial companies to stop trade with IRISL as it transports "goods for both IranEoe1/4aos ballistic missile and nuclear programmes.
The vessel was released by the pirates on October 10, announced the IRISL public relations office, "after seven weeks of negotiations with Somali pirates.