IRISSInstitute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Glascow, Scotland, UK)
IRISSInstitute for Research in Social Science (University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
IRISSInterdisciplinary Research Institute for Survey Science (Iowa)
IRISSInternational Conference on Internet Research and Information for Social Scientists
IRISSIndustrial Rehabilitation Institute and Support Services
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Pixology and TI have jointly devised a unique method of embedding Pixology IRISS onto a camera chip and have optimized it for the digital media processor.
Embedded Pixology IRISS will also allow original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to offer customers the established benefits of Pixology's red-eye detection, such as improved battery life.
IRISS allows the prioritization of linear assets within right-of-way to enable decision-making policies that take into account asset service levels and financial risks.
The City of Hamilton will present IRISS on June 5 at this year's HxGN LIVE, Hexagon's Annual Conference.
Richard Dworschak, Methanex Project Lead, commented, "The inherent IP architecture is one of the key reasons for choosing IRISS and the Freedom[R] solution.
The service also offers complete P/PM inspections on all of data center electrical equipment, and offers the installation of IRISS window ports for safe infrared viewing of critical switchgear and other electrical components without the exposure and hazards associated with the removal panel covers.
PHILADELPHIA, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Vianney Caron of Health Canada noted in the July 2010 IRISS eCTD Tool Interoperability Meeting that the only review tool used in actual production by Health Canada reviewers is the LORENZ eReview solution, although some validators are being tested in stand-alone environments not connected to the Health Canada network.