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IRIXSilicon Graphics UNIX-like Operating System
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ASE running on the SGI IRIX platform with MIPS processors and SGI's NUMAflex shared-memory system architecture signifies our commitment to address the scalability, high availability and integration needs of our customers.
Now, applications based on OpenGL Performer can be written and developed on one platform and deployed on IRIX, Linux or Windows systems.
SAICs Center for Information Security Technology Common Criteria Testing Laboratory, a NIAP CCEVS-approved laboratory, conducted the Common Criteria evaluations of the SGI Trusted IRIX and standard IRIX operating systems.
OpenGL Vizserver client software for IRIX, Solaris, Windows NT and Linux is available at no additional charge.
VPro is a family of graphics subsystems for IRIX, Windows NT and Linux desktop workstations.
The release of IRIS Performer on Linux allows software developers to leverage their investments in existing IRIX operating system-based Performer simulations and databases while supporting emerging Linux- based systems.