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IRKSIndian River Kontrol Society (Palm Bay, FL)
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There was no more trouble, no more danger, no more irk, in all the world.
But the head of the department was called away to the telephone, and in her mind the splendid promise of the carpets and the irk of the pocket-book were thrust aside by a greater doubt and anxiety.
I did not think of those drinks with any yearning, with any irk at the length of the voyage.
By midday the irk of his pack became too oppressive.
The trampling of swift horses and the sound of mules watering at my sacred springs will always irk you, and men will like better to gaze at the well-made chariots and stamping, swift-footed horses than at your great temple and the many treasures that are within.
The four walls of a room were an irk and a restraint.
Some went mad, and still others, under the irk of the man-destroying strain, broke partnerships and dissolved life-time friendships with fellows just as good as themselves and just as strained and mad.
Many have captured space through installing gates, extending boundary walls and putting concrete blocks in front of their buildings irk the masses residing in these areas.